• Founder at Quiet Impact Asia & Introverts Network Asia

    As Networking Evangelist, Mervin has been spreading the good news of networking through his writing, training, coaching and mentoring. A leading networking expert, Mervin had authored and co-authored numerous books including “Purposeful Networking For Introverts” and “I Can Connect - An Introvert's Handbook To Stress-Free Networking” and is contributing author in the New York Times best-seller Masters of Networking. He lives, breathes and speaks the language of referrals, collaborations and strategic alliances. As Introvert Leader, Mervin founded the Introverts Network Singapore in May 2013, a quietly growing networking community of introverts to impact the marketplace and society at large. He had started similar networks in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines with plans for more cities in the region. For 13 years, he was the Singapore National Director of the world’s largest referral organisation and was on the Executive team of a Singapore-based leadership development company for two years. His current focus are Quiet Impact Asia and Introverts Network Asia.


    Quiet Impact Asia

    since 2019

    For two decades since 1999, Mervin has been in the field of business networking and leadership, primarily among SMEs - training, consulting, coaching and mentoring. Since 2013, he has been steering the executive team of Introverts Network Asia (INA). Since October 2019, he has been working on self-development programmes for introverts determined to impact the workplace and the communities where they live, work and socialise. He is collaborating with other consultants and experts to capitalise on the diversity of competencies, talents, skills and professions with one common personality: introversion. It doesn't matter where on the spectrum, Mervin and his alliances are determined to achieve the mission through Quiet Impact Asia.

    Introverts Network Asia

    since 2013

    Introverts Network Asia (INA) is a ground-up initiative by a quiet group of professionals and business owners who seek to connect with other introverted individuals. Besides Singapore, there are introvert communities in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia with plans to start more in other Asian cities under Introverts Network Asia (INA). We are looking out for locals who embrace INA’s mission and are interested to collaborate for this purpose. The plan of the Executive Team (INA HQ based in Singapore) is to progress from a social community into a professional networking organisation.

    BNI Singapore


    Mervin co-founded BNI Singapore in September 1999. Under his leadership, members passed referral business which generated an average of USD20 million each year. He stepped down as National Director of BNI Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines in October 2012.

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